Apr 20, 2018
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What Are The Top Major Health Concerns Affecting America

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A health problem in both men and women may vary according to their own region. This happens in America where men tend to commit suicide than women do, say Mayo Clinic.

Such health problem becomes the major health concern in America that need to deal with. But, apart from it, there will be many health problems affecting the Americans that people should be back to healthy life for the better living. Below are some of them.

1. Heart diseases

In dealing with the major health concern in America, heart diseases seem to be the major cause that kills the American. As stated by American Heart Association, it is said that heart attack is much more dangerous than any form of cancers. Thus, just make sure to eat less fat and sodium to reduce the possibility of having heart diseases.

2. Cancer

In line with the major health concern in America, cancer esp. lung cancer seems to be the major cause of death among men and women that should be taken into consideration.

But, among women, the colorectal and the breast cancer also plays the significant role in reducing the lifespan. To stay away from that health disorders, you have to eat healthily, apply the sunscreen and do not smoke.

3. Stroke

Another health disorder that causes death among men and women is the stroke. In this regard, the major health concern in America such disease can be reduced with the healthy life that changes overall lifestyle. This asks you to go for quitting smoking, exercising for losing weight and eating healthy foods.

4. Respiratory diseases

Another health problem in America is due to respiratory diseases that later called as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) such as emphysema and bronchitis that are thought to be the major health concern in America. Thus, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute suggests us with respiratory disease to reduce smoking as the major cause of this problem.

5. Injuries

Fatal injuries in both men and women that later belong to the major health concern in America is due to vehicle accidents, Mayo Clinic reports. To reduce the possibility of such problem, wearing the seatbelt, avoiding alcohol when driving, and driving safety should be considered if you want to save to go home.

When it deals with the major health concern in America, both men and women should understand to enhance the healthy lifestyle. It is important to do so since your life is much more precious than anything else.

As you go for healthy life, you will get the benefits of longer lifespan to share a love with the loved one. Don’t you really want to have it?

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