Jul 31, 2017
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Useful Gadget for Travel You Should Have in Your Bag

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Nowadays, the growth of technology already touched every part of our life. Nearly all of our activities are using the help of modern gadget. It is not an exception as well for a lovely activity such as travelling. Spending time and beautiful moment in a new place requires sufficient devices that will make us feel easier and saver during that time. Therefore, it is important to complete your utensils to bring with the following useful gadget for travel.

Solar charging power bank

What people cannot get their grip off is indeed their smartphone. This device is very important to bring during the travelling time. One problem arise is that it need to be charged regularly to keep the power on. You might anticipate it with power bank since it allows you to charge you phone up for three until 5 times. Well, it depends on your power bank and your phone’s battery actually. However, when the power in your power bank is empty, you need to spend quite long time to charge it as well. It will be the next problem if you do not plan to stay in a hotel or in a place with electricity power for a long time.

To face this problem, you can use the solar charging power bank instead. Every time the power source of this power bank runs dry, you just need to let it absorb the limitless energy from the solar. This useful gadget for travel will be a handy gadget that is very useful for your travelling since it does not consume many areas in your bag. It will give you more benefit if your destination is a hot place as well. For an advice, we suggest you to take one of the power bank ranges made by Solstice Power Solutions.

Mobile Wi-Fi

The second useful gadget for travel you need to bring is a mobile Wi-Fi. When you travel around, it does not mean that you really have to throw away your daily activities and your connection to the world inside your smartphone. You still need internet to keep up to date or to share what you got on your travelling. To avoid a high charge of internet in hotels, café or any other places, it is better to take a mobile Wi-Fi for you and your family. One device we suggest is MiFi. It only need a single SIM to make you able to connect it with 10 devices at maximum.

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