Jul 20, 2017
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors, Will Be Redeem from Samsung for Their Previous Failure

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – Samsung hasn’t given up with their Note series. The previous model, Galaxy Note 7, is seen as the fail model. There are many problems on that product, and one of the most noticeable one is the battery problem. Now, Samsung plan to try to challenge the market with the model from this series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

According to the news and rumor, this next Note will be equipped with the 4K screen. If this is really what you can get from this new Note, it’s good thing, because you will get one of the best image quality on this gadget. More than that, this is great feature, especially for you who are going to use this for VR. As we all know, Samsung also release Samsung Gear VR headset you also can get.

For the screen size, there is prediction that this gadget will use 5.7 inch screen, which is also the same size screen like its previous model. However, there is big chance that Samsung try to change and give something new to their customer. As Note 8 will be considered as the way Samsung to get back from their failed with Note 7, so, we can expect that you can get 6.2 inch screen, like on Galaxy S8 Plus. However, there is rumor that this product will be also using QHD + OLED screen, just like what you can find on S8 and S8 Plus. If this is true, we can say that there is another chance that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have 6.4 inch screen.

The other rumor is the folding screen. There is information that Samsung will apply this kind of screen on Note 9 fully. Therefore, we can expect that there will be some testing on the Note 8. Maybe, we can see what kind of those folding screen that we will get on Note 9. And, there is also big chance that this gadget has already got folding screen applied, either it’s as alternative or main screen.

And, for the launching date, there is not exact date that has been announced by Samsung. However, there are manye date people believe that this gadget will be launch at the end of August. But, if we have to see it logically, the early September is the best guess for this product launching date. So, we just need to wait for couple months, and we will be able to find more information about this device.

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