Sep 6, 2017
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How to Save iPhone from Water Damage

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Got your iPhone fell into the toilet or knocked the glass and the water poured into the phone, that’s the kind of clumsy things we did that cause a big disaster.

Water and smartphone are supposed to be two opposite things. Water can seriously damage the smartphone causing you losing precious contacts and important data, not to mention, it may cost you a fortune to buy a new one.

Everyone will be panicking when the phone falls into or get soaked by the water. But panicking won’t do any help.

It requires fast action to minimize the damage and get bigger opportunities to save the phone. These are important steps to save your smartphone from possible water damage:

Take the Smartphone Off the Water ASAP

This is this the most important thing because every second really counts. When the water gets into the inner space of the iPhone and exposes the parts, it can cause a short circuit. The longer it in the water, the bigger damage will happen.

Take the Battery Out or Turn Off the Power

Some people would advise you to take the battery out! However,iPhone models have built in battery that can’t be removed easily. In this case, you need to carefully turn off the power. This step is also needed to be quickly done to prevent short circuit.

Take Everything Off

From SIM card to additional case, you better take it off the phone right away. Water can be stuck on the gap between the card with the slot or underneath the additional case. Taking those things off will help to dry the water.

Heat is a Big NO!

Don’t ever try to dry-blow the soaked smartphone using a hair dryer or using the oven to dry the water. There are many delicate and heat sensitive parts inside the iPhone. Exposing them to heat will only cause more damage.

Dry the Smartphone from Water

Use a dry towel to wiped and dry the water from the iPhone. You can also use a toothpick with dry fabric or swab stick to dry the ports. Many tips on the internet suggest stuffing the phone inside a bag of dry rice to get the water absorbed from the phone. This may work but it isn’t as effective as claimed. Rather than dry rice, it is much effective to use synthetic desiccant, plus it is way less messy.

Check Water Damage Indicator

This is important to assess how much damage has already caused by the water. The indicator is a small plastic that will turn red when soaked with water. For iPhone 5 and later, the indicator can be found in SIM card port while for iPhone 4S, you can find the indicator in audio or power port.

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