May 28, 2018
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How To Check Memory On Mac

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Some inexperienced people in technology might come to confusion when they want to know the amount of storage remains in particular memory. As you browse the internet on how to check memory on Mac, you will find so many tips on how to deal with it.

But, what you need to know is that the amount of memory which is used in particular computer may be fluctuated based on how you manage it.

As stated by Apples, it is considered that the term memory refers to the use of virtual memory, swap files and RAM. To know the amount of memory being used on your computer, you can take the advantages of Activity Monitor.

As you go to Application folders, you will know the wired memory, active memory, used memory and the total memory for all process. Since you want to know how to check memory on Mac, below we provide you with the simple steps below.

1. First, it is supposed to open a new finder window and navigate found in the Application folders.

2. Second, find out the folder named “Utilities”, open it and do double click for “Activity Monitor”.

3. As instructed on how to check memory on Mac, you will see the Activity Memory at the bottom then, you can choose the “System Memory” in which it tells you a lot of information on your Mac’s memory. In this regard, you will see “used memory” that refers to the amount of memory being used for the overall process.

In dealing with how to check memory on Mac, it needs to know that as you have found a lot of information from the provided steps above, there will be some other information you need to understand.

It is said that the term “free memory” can be referred to as the amount of unused memory while “wired memory” indicates the incapability of RAM to be used by Mac’s drive. Some other information also tells you about “inactive memory” refer to the unused memory which can be used for some other applications.

In addition, you will see “VM size” that indicates the amount of all memory used to run all process.

It is actually easy to do when someone wants to know how to check memory on Mac. As you follow all the steps above, you will get some information in dealing with the amount of memory in your computer.

Having known about such detailed information above, it is the right time for you to manage the memory, so that all process will run as what we have expected before.

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