Apr 19, 2018
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How To Backup Android Phone To Pc Before Factory Reset

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Some Android users might encounter such problem when they have to do the factory reset since it will erase all your data and contacts.

But, you can prevent from data loss if you do the backup in advance to PC, so that your messages, contacts and data will be safe and you can restore it someday. In this regard, you need to know about how to a backup android phone to PC along with its instruction.

Below, we provide you with steps in dealing with how to the backup android phone to PC via MTP so that you can backup all or selective data to your PC with the simple ways and you can do the factory reset without worries.

1. Connect the phone to the PC

What you have to do at the beginning of backup the data to PC is to make sure that you have cable data as media to get connected to the PC. In this case, how to the backup android phone to PC suggests you to plug in the USB to phone and computer.

2. Turn on “transferring media files” notification

As you plug the USB both in computer and phone, there will be a notification in which you are obliged to choose one option. To backup the data, tips on how to the backup android phone to PC remind you to choose transferring media files mode via MTP connection.

3. Notice the notification of “successfully connected” to your PC

Having chosen that option, you will see the notification on your PC stating that your phone has successfully connected to PC. To do the backup, how to the backup android phone to PC asks you to open your phone through “My Computer” menu in your desktop and you will find many folders as you can backup to your PC.

4. Drag media files from your phone to PC

As you want to backup the data, you need to drag all the media files displaying on your desktop to the PC. Since the files have been sorted into specific folders, what you need to understand that DCIM folders contain screenshots, pictures and videos while downloaded folder contains of all the downloaded files that you have done.

Besides, you will find music folder that contains of all the audio and Bluetooth folder that contains of all files obtained from the Bluetooth transfer.

Choose all the folders or only select some of them if necessary then move it to your PC.
If you have completed all the instructions above, now you can do a factory reset to refresh your device so that you are no longer worried about losing all the data.

Those simple tips on how to the backup android phone to PC do not consume your time and it is quite safe. So, are you still worried to do a factory reset?

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