Aug 1, 2017
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Gadget for Your Health Companion That You Need To Have

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Having a healthy body and life is a dream for every people in the world. It is important to stay healthy start from you are still young if you do not want to regret it when your old age comes. Regarding health, the use of smartphone sometimes related in not a very good result. It can affect the eyes’ health, it causes dangerous radiation, and much more.

Therefore, it might be good to leave your smartphone for a while and take a workout with another device as your companion. Instead, try the following gadget for your health companion.

Finis Neptune

If you loved to listen to music while you are having a workout, then you must consider the effect of it. Using earphone for a long time is possible to increase the growth of bacteria in your ears. On the other hand, having an earphone for a people who loved swimming will be a very difficult thing to do if you stick with it.

However, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the relaxing flow of music for yourself only under water. If you want to have a relaxing time for fun while still collecting the benefits of your workout, we suggest you have Finis Neptune. It will be a perfect gadget for your health companion.

This device has a secure installation to the eyewear, or the swimming goggles, of the user. It does need any ear buds since it used a modern technology that uses the bone transmission audio to deliver the music you are hearing in your ear. The loudness and clearness of the music will not be affected when you submerged under water. Moreover, you also have 4GB of storage space and 8 hours of full usage if you charge the battery fully

Misfit Shine

Another gadget for your health companion that will give you benefits is this device. It comes in a form of bracelet that will fit in your pocket as well. Through this device, you can track the activities you have done. It will be a good help to check whether you have achieved your goals or not that you already set on your iOS device. This device is waterproof as well.

Therefore, you do not need to worry if you want to dive with this device still linger on your arm. You can use Misfit Shine as your watch too. For other information, the coin battery can last for months.

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